[The Flyswatter]
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The Flyswatter

Updated: 2012/jun/05Genre: Arcade


Description: Control the flyswatter to destroy the pest in the kitchen and don't forget to destroy the clocks to get extra time.

[Fire Spiral]
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Fire Spiral

Updated: 2012/jun/05Genre: Skill


Description: Show your skills with this ability game. Control with the arrows the blue guy and with ASDW the green one. How long can you survive before you get burn?

[Space Station: Rainbow]
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Space Station: Rainbow

Updated: 2012/jun/05Genre: Action / Skill


Description: Commander Mitchell from Space Station SG300 has a problem when it is reached by a gamma rays wave. The gravitational stabilizer is failling and it's being atacked by pure energy creatures, so the Commander will do whatever at it's reach to avoid falling into earth, or get lost forever into space.


These are some of the games developed in our blod, adapted to better enjoy on our site:

[Canvas Snake]
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Canvas Snake

Updated: 2012/jun/05Genre: Arcade


Description: Enjoy this classic game. Move with the arrows and eat apples. Take care to not crash against your own body.

[Programa juegos en Canvas de HTML5]

Programa juegos en HTML5 Canvas

Actualizado: ????/??/??   Genero: Blog

Desarrolladores: daPhyre

Descripción: (Este no es un juego) Blog en español donde podrás aprender a programar tus propios juegos en HTML5 Canvas de forma sencilla y divertida.

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